“What a relief to be doing something, finally, after all these years. Just admitting I had a problem and needed help has really increased my self esteem.”

"Hello everyone, My name is Romelle and I Am a mentor with W.E.A.N. and a woman with a disability. I have had been a paraplegic for eight years. During my time in Rehab being mentored by Janice Jackson, W.E.A.N. Director, brought so much hope and joy to my life. Just knowing someone that was once in the same situation that understood what I was going through at that very moment, I thought there is a light on the other side of this tunnel, and their was hope and a peace of mind. But most of all I relied on my faith, and my children. I am a single mother raising two young wonderful children, that keep me going each day. But they are the love of my life. I also just finished school in Medical Billing. Soon to be a career woman too. On my spare time I like to paint and draw which is my up most passion. I have found a new passion with W.E.A.N. Just giving back to other women  all over Maryland is much needed  and to be a part of an organization I have met so many women that are inspirational and positive. We are women first and our disabilities are apart of who we are. I am a true believer of that. This is my testimony to you what's yours..."God Bless.

I have been a part of W.E.A.N. as a mentor for 4 years. W.E.A.N. has given me the opportunity as a  Licensed Esthetician/Makeup Artist to help other women with disabilities explore their inner and outer beauty. I just love being able to give back to women who think that their womanhood is lessened because they have limitations. Women with disabilities need to know they are beautiful, sexy, intelligent, and desirable. They need to start living as the Queens that they are! 
Rhonda Myers, Mentor

Wow! What can I say? Women Embracing Abilities Now ( W.E.A.N.) has truly been my life saver and I just love them. The women of W.E.A.N. embraced me and made me a part of their wonderful sisterhood. Through their mentoring they helped me get out of the box that society has placed women with disabilities in. The box that says our womanhood is taken away because we have special needs. They showed me that I am still beautiful, talented, and intelligent. I begin to realize that I'm not in this journey alone and that our mission is to help other women with disabilities live in their abilities. I am once again living independently and have recently returned to my employment with The Social Security Administration.
Rhonda's Ward, Mentor

I met Women Embracing Abilities Now (W.E.A.N.) at a very hard time in my life. I was in Kernan Rehabilitation Hospital and could never see myself being the beautiful, and confident woman that I once was. This all changed one day when some of W.E.A.N.'s mentors came into my room. They were the ray of hope that I needed to realize that my disability does not define who I am as a woman. They showed me  that life does go on and that I am still a woman first.  Now I can truly say that through mentoring and empowerment from W.E.A.N. I am that beautiful and confident woman once again.  I am currently living independently, have a great social life, and about to purchase an accessible equipped van. Look out world!  
Saundra Bell- Simmons, Mentor

I have been so blessed to have been introduced to Women Embracing Abilities Now ( W.E.A.N.). I was finishing up my rehabilitation at Kernan Rehabilitation Hospital when some of W.E.A.N.'s  mentors found me. They invited me into a wonderful sisterhood that has changed my life as a woman living with a disability. I started feeling empowered and really wanted to live in all of my abilities. I am now living independently and raising my teenage daughter. I have learned to embrace my inner and outer beauty. I am truly a W.E.A.N. QUEEN!
Wanda Miller, Mentor

I have been a part of Women Embracing Abilities Now (W.E.A.N.) for six years and it has changed my life. It allowed  my to take a good look at myself and begin to love who I am as a woman with a disability. W.E.A.N. also gave me the confidence that I needed to go to college. I attended Baltimore City Community College and received a certificate in Human Services. As a part of W.E.A.N. I now spend a lot of time talking to other women with disabilities, helping them to accept who they are. 
Valerie Smith, Mentor:

Hello my name is Kim and I am an above the knee amputee. My mentor is Ms. Janice Jackson and she has been there for me since before the amputation encouraging me to be the best that I can be. She taught me to put God first, then myself, to be a woman first of all and not to use my disability as a crutch. Over the years Janice has helped me through some very difficult times and I thank God for her. Being part of W.E.A.N as a mentor is my way of giving back what was so freely given to me. I hope that I can reach at least one woman by being there for her, to listen to her and to encourage her to be all that she can be, a woman first and that is what a mentor means to me. REST IN PEACE OUR SISTER

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